Superior Home Qualities

We care about all the details of your home. We take into consideration the environment and your needs, being mindful of placing rooms for the greatest convenience, such as placing the pantry and kitchen just off the garage so groceries can be stored there when returning from a shopping trip. We also put the laundry room in a handy location near bedrooms and bathrooms to save you time and energy when doing daily tasks.

Why call "Joe's Quality Construction?" Because Joe not only designs your home with Super Energy, Quality, & Pride, he works on the job daily with his qualified crew from the excavation and layout to the final finish. When you hire Joe's Quality Construction,  you hire Joe and his crew to do the work right, from start to finish. By being on the job daily, Joe will deliver the superior quality you expect. See pictures... 

About our Homes: We build exactly what you desire. Custom designing and plan alterations are available.

Exterior walls are framed with Number One and Two grade Douglas Fir. We use Super energy efficient truss design which allow for full R value of 38 clear to the out side of the top of exterior wall extending into attic space. Standard trusses only allow two inches of insulation for an R value of 9. See the difference...  

Heating and cooling: Custom engineering for heating and cooling is done on every home built by Joe and the most efficient, cost effective system is designed for that home in that location. In some homes we have used water source heat pumps which heat and cool for as little as $39.00 a month. On other projects where space was an issue, a super energy efficient heat pump is used. Whatever the project, we install two heat sources to heat a home, and a third heat source which works even if the power is off.

We can design supplementary solar heated water if you wish. We recommend solar heated water in addition to a standard water heating system because solar heated water is free, and standard water heating systems accounts for more than a third of your energy bill. We consider your project special and custom, and are willing to build to your specific needs, wants and specifications.

Windows : To help to optimize your energy, we recommend and install vinyl double glass windows with low E glass filled with argon: a gas that is 30% more resistant to thermal conductivity than air. The windows we use are built to operate smoothly for life. They glide open easily on the largest rollers available and close tightly with the strike latch screwed directly into metal reinforcement, which provides a continuous interlock for maximum security.  

Exterior Doors: To achieve a high quality look and to minimize energy loss, we use fiberglass insulated exterior doors which are stainable and don't conduct hot or cold or dent like metal. They also won't swell or warp like wood, have better insulation value, and last longer than any other exterior door on the market. These doors are available with blinds between the glass, cut leaded glass, wood grain or smooth finish, and in a variety of shapes and sizes.  

Insulation: Due to Joe's truss design, our homes exceed standard practice, and Energy Star requirements for insulation. We use environmentally friendly insulation products which don't give off gas.

R values are as follows:

R 21 on all exterior walls including attached garage with poly visquine vapor barrier

R 38 blown in cellulose in attic area with baffles at eves

R 30 in floors

Interior Finish : Your choice of  hardwood or painted trim and wood, marble, or granite sills. Since we pay attention to the details, we will  acclimatize your trims before installation. Each piece of base board is hand coped on all interior corners (not just chopped at 45 degree angles and caulked.) All joints on window bucks and door and window casings are scribed tightly and glued so that they will remain tight. View trim...

Cabinetry: Joe and his crew install custom hardwood cabinets designed specifically for each kitchen, bath, laundry, and garage. Top quality hardware is used. A variety of door styles and finishes are available. Kitchen counters are generally one inch thick granite or marble, or choice of customer.  

Concrete: Decorative concrete is another unique custom touch we offer for your home, such as flowers, vines, animals, and embossed words (raised finish). Joe was the first contractor in the area to provide embossed and stamped concrete finishes. Use decorative concrete for that special look that doesn’t even look like concrete. Decorative concrete pictures...

Plaster: For another special look, try decorative plaster. Decorative plaster pictures...

Floor Coverings: Joe subs out carpet and hardwood flooring to a specialist who is skilled and experienced. Special attention is given during framing to ensure a solid flat level sub-floor, including direct bearing from floor joice to footing. We also sand the entire sub-floor under hardwood, carpet, tile, or other floor surfaces. Prior to installation of flooring , moisture is also taken into consideration. If hardwood is to be installed, sub-flooring and hardwood flooring are checked for moisture content. If moisture is too high as is sometimes the case in winter, the home will be heated and dried out so that the hardwood will be acclimatized prior to installation. This process will minimize shrinkage on all wood surfaces.  

Light fixtures: Joe will work together with the owner to help find the most energy efficient and attractive lighting available. Compact florescent bulbs are recommended as they decrease the costs of lighting by as much as 75%. Well insulated fixtures 'help prevent energy loss and add to the total thermal envelope of your home. Romantic indirect lighting from behind crown molding is available. You must see it at night to appreciate.  

Plumbing fixtures: We use top of the line Delta fixtures, China laves, Breath taking deep soaker tubs with under water lighting and full body massage. Large custom tile showers with two he ads are also a standard in the master suite. Of course, you may specify another brand of fixtures, as desired.

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